An exclusive, lifetime membership to McGregor FAST. Available through July 10th.

ROUND ZERØ is a declaration to put in the hard work before the first round begins. A commitment to staying ready, so we don’t have to get ready. Because we don’t win belts when the fight is over, we win them long before.

What's Inside ROUND ZERØ?

Your ROUND ZERØ membership includes the best of the best from the world of McGregor FAST:

  • A lifetime subscription to the McGregor FAST app

  • Custom black McGregor FAST training gloves

  • ROUND ZERØ limited-release t-shirt

  • Metallic FAST Members Keychain

  • Exclusive access to a ROUND ZERØ line of merchandise

  • Members-only content from Conor and Team FAST

Make the Commitment

You’ve been with Conor since the very beginning. A journey from the streets of Dublin to the top of the world. Now, it’s time to start a journey of your own. Membership to ROUND ZERØ is limited. Conor and Team McGregor invite you to join ROUND ZERØ, a limited-release, lifetime membership to McGregor FAST. Unlimited training. Exclusive gear. Special access to Conor. And a community of athletes to support your every move. Enrollment ends after Conor’s trilogy fight on July 10th.

"FAST is not just a training program. It’s a lifelong commitment to getting better, every single day."

- Conor McGregor