Developed in the lab. Approved by Conor. Train McGregor FAST.

The FAST method of training molded UFC Champion Conor McGregor into one of the world’s most dominant athletes. Now, he’s pulling back the curtain on the science behind FAST and giving you the tools to train like an elite competitor. Download the app and train FAST today.

  • Train with Intent

    Add meaning to your movements and understand the “why” behind every workout.

  • Learn from the Lab

    McGregor FAST is grounded in cutting-edge research to maximize results.

  • Stay Close to Conor

    Get exclusive access to Conor as he follows the FAST method by your side.

  • Supplement your Routine

    Shop FAST nutrition and merch to add McGregor-approved value to your training.


Conor McGregor wanted to go the extra round. He worked closely with his team of sports scientists and leading doctors to develop FAST, a program that transcends conventional training, bucks suboptimal principles, and propels athletes into elite physiological shape.

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FAST is living proof that, with the mind of a champion and the power of groundbreaking science, anything is possible.

- Tony Robbins

The McGregor FAST App

Conor and his team have taken the core principles of FAST and developed an app just for you. Curated, purpose-driven workouts will improve your endurance, strength, and power, no matter what you’re training for.