About McGregor FAST

The McGregor FAST system of training was developed to push one of the world’s most elite athletes past his physical limits. Together with his team of leading doctors and sports scientists, Conor created a program designed to transform his body and compete at the highest levels. Now, that program is available to you.

FAST Zones

FAST is fueled by intent. Movement and intensity change across the three Workout Zones, but the end goal does not — FAST will increase your capacity for work, push you past your limits, and train you with the dedication and focus of an athlete.

Green workouts improve your ability to handle those marathon training sessions. Long periods of moderate intensity work will raise your endurance, allowing you to go the extra round.
Orange workouts push you to your limit and keep you there. Strength-based and high-intensity exercises will increase your capacity to work at a tougher pace and improve total-body strength.
Functional Strength
Red workouts require every ounce of effort you’ve got. Short bursts of extreme intensity will boost your power, get your heart racing, and efficiently burn calories.
Power and Speed

Developed in the Lab

Athletes use different energy systems as they move at different intensities, but most traditional programs neglect to address the full spectrum of training intensity. The McGregor FAST program was developed by a team of energy system experts to efficiently produce transformative and long-lasting results.

The McGregor FAST Story

The best athletes in the world are never satisfied with their success. But only a few go the extra mile needed to scratch the surface of their absolute potential.

When coaches Dr. Julian “Doc” Dalby and Colin Byrne first met UFC Champion Conor McGregor, they already knew that he was something special. But Conor’s insatiable drive for dominance got in his way, as he pushed his body to the absolute limits without the science and structure necessary to optimize his performance. After a shocking loss, he turned to Doc and Colin to help ensure that he would never feel unprepared again. 

McGregor FAST was developed to help Conor get the most out of his engine by training intelligently and with purpose. The program comprises distinct, science-supported zones - Green, Orange, and Red - which feature workouts designed to increase a person’s anaerobic threshold and, consequently, their capacity for hard work. Through constant testing and evaluation, Conor, Colin, and Doc fine-tuned FAST until it became the proven formula for success that it is today.

Now, the team has taken the principles of FAST and developed an app for people of all fitness levels to transform their bodies in ways they never thought possible. By learning the science behind the movements and receiving guidance directly from the FAST team of experts, anyone can now train exactly like Conor and experience the benefits of this revolutionary program. 

The McGregor FAST App

Conor and his team have taken the core principles of FAST and developed an app just for you. Curated, purpose-driven workouts will improve your endurance, strength, and power, no matter what you’re training for.