Introducing McGregor FAST FightLab

Professional fighters don’t just train to sweat. They look and move the way they do because they train with a purpose. Now, you can too. McGregor FAST FightLab is a revolutionary fitness experience that brings the coaching, technology, and structure of an elite performance facility into the comfort of your home. Coming 2022.

  • Train with Intent

    Add meaning to your movements and understand the “why” behind every workout.

  • Learn from the Lab

    McGregor FAST is grounded in cutting-edge research to maximize results.

  • Stay Close to Conor

    Get exclusive access to Conor as he follows the FAST method by your side.

  • Supplement your Routine

    Shop FAST nutrition and merch to add McGregor-approved value to your training.


Conor McGregor wanted to go the extra round. He worked closely with his team of sports scientists and leading doctors to develop FAST, a program that transcends conventional training, bucks suboptimal principles, and propels athletes into elite physiological shape.

Learn about FAST

FAST is living proof that, with the mind of a champion and the power of groundbreaking science, anything is possible.

- Tony Robbins

The McGregor FAST App

Conor and his team have taken the core principles of FAST and developed an app just for you. Curated, purpose-driven workouts will improve your endurance, strength, and power, no matter what you’re training for.